Floorplan Layout - 838 Collins Street, Melbourne

Choose the office space from our floorplan that works best for you.

Lease, Rent or Buy

Check out the floorplan below, and consider which space you would prefer in this award winning building at Lifestyle Working at 838 Collins Street in Melbourne.

We're happy to discuss leasing arrangements with you. Or if you prefer, we can discuss an outright sale. We have just secured a new client for 3.20, but any of the remaining spaces (in yellow) are immediately available at competitive rates.

Flexible and Adaptable Office Spaces

Yes - we're flexible! If you require a larger floor area we're happy to discuss altering the layout by moving some partitions. We'd even consider providing direct access between adjoining offices by installing internal partition doorways if that's what you need.

Whatever your requirements, contact me today and we can discuss your specific circumstances. Once we know exactly what you have in mind, we can explore the options that will best match your needs.

Floorplan - 838 Collins Street Melbourne

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